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15 People Around The World Living With No Regrets

I’ve got to be honest, I’m pretty stoked to be able to say that I’m currently living a life with no regrets. I’m constantly traveling, I have plenty of time to see my friends, I’m doing so many things I have been dreaming about for years, and I hope that with this blog, I am helping and inspiring others to live the lives of their dreams.

I really can’t believe that it was not even a year ago that I was in such a different place. Feeling trapped, stressed and unhappy, I didn’t have any time for myself or friends.  It still amazes me to think that it took just one bold move to shift myself into this world of no regrets.  I quit my job, sold my house and hit the road (okay, maybe that’s two bold moves) .  And here I am.

The attached article shares the stories of some very inspiring people who are living lives with no regrets and making a big difference to the planet in their own way.  Check it out – it helps to see that it is possible for every one of us to make a positive difference in the world.

No Regrets

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