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Left Brain Right Brain – The Debate Continues

The debate continues – some believe in the left brain, right brain split, and others don’t.  Is the left brain the logical side of our mind and the right creative?

Check out these articles and make up your own mind:

Despite What You’ve Been Told , You Aren’t ‘Left-Brained’ or ‘Right-Brained’.

Beyond The ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ Brain

Researchers Believe Brain Functions Split Between Top And Bottom Not Left And Right

Debunking The Left Brain Right Brain Myth

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  1. Stephen #

    Hi Sarah,

    I checked out the four articles you suggested.

    I’d looked at three before and know that there’s an outward, left-brain bias in their approach and wording. All four suffer from it and the left-brain bias within the articles ends all debates before they start. Any real debate would include the middle-brainers.

    You did a good job in trying to give people a chance to make up their own minds given the time period of your post. There’s an inward-looking right-brainy-ness within those articles. Yet, the outward left-brainy approach leaves right-brainers out in the cold.

    Nobody defends the belief of the “left brain, right brain split”, even though there’s an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that proves it’s real.

    The left brain hemisphere controls language and often shouts down the right. That’s what’s going on in all the “debunkings”. The left-brain dominated scientists are using left-brain dominated language to hide from their right-brainy selves.

    Creativity and right-braining can take more time than left-braining. It’s like a tortoise-racing-the-hare thing.

    The left-brainers think they have ended the debate. The right-brainers are just starting to take a stand against the left-brainers.

    There may be some new articles to add to your list.

    Stephen Gambone

    June 9, 2014
    • Hi Stephen, thanks for your well written and well thought out comments. I agree. The left brainers are doing the arguing and the right brainers are just coming into their own. I’ve definitely found over the past year that tapping into my right brain after being left brain dominant has made a hugely positive difference to my life. Please do send me any relevant articles you find on your travels through the web. Thanks again for commenting! Sarah

      June 10, 2014

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