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A natural connection





Heightened senses

Breathless days

Freezing nights

A peak is reached


Time escapes

The world crumbles

A new view emerges

A morning in Ubud

It’s cool today, overcast with snippets of blue still in view. It’s one of those days where you can easily lose track of time.  Even now, in the early morning, it could be late afternoon.

From my balcony I can hear the cooing of pigeons, the distant crowing of roosters, and an assortment of other birds.  It feels safe and cosy here, surrounded by a mix of foliage, mainly tall palm trees, with their skinny naked trunks reaching high into the sky.  The palm fronds and coconuts are high above me, reaching toward the sky.

That reminds me, on our tour last week, our guide told us that death by falling coconut is the second biggest killer in Bali.  Number one is road accident, two is falling coconut, and three is drowning.  It’s strange what unusual information stays in my head.

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Japan: The Land of Harmony

My recent trip to Japan reminded me of what a wonderfully peaceful and naturally harmonious country it is.  I felt very zen from the moment I arrived until I left.

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A Return To Angkor Wat

 It was fifteen years ago that I last visited Cambodia.  At the time, the country was still politically unstable and tourists were scarce.  There was a certain energy to the place that is hard to define – you know the feeling if you have been somewhere very old that still holds that ancient energy of the people and the sacredness of the place.   After that visit the Siem Reap Temple area became my favorite place in the world.

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A Walk to Work in Bangkok

Walking out of the Sofitel So Hotel after my early morning gym session the first thing I notice is the warmth.  After the air conditioned coolness of the hotel, the heat wraps me up.  Then I notice the bicycles, motorbikes, cars, taxis, and tuk tuks driving past.  Noises from everywhere… the chugging from motorbike exhausts, car horns, black crows cawing overhead. Everyone is on their way to work, Read more

Chinese New Year in Mae Rim

Discovering Thailand

Thailand is a truly fantastic place to live.  It is always warm, the people are always smiling, the food is always delicious, and there are always interesting places to visit and explore.  It’s the destination of choice for many people from all around the world, and now receives over 22 million tourists a year.  The number of tourists continues to increase year on year, with the most recent number a 15% increase on the year before.

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Living in Thailand

Life in Thailand is fabulous.  Warm weather, smiling people. inexpensive and tasty food, and temples everywhere.  I love it!