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Five Ways to Cultivate Gratitude at Work

Why do we say thanks at home, thanks at the store, thanks on the street, but are not so keen to say thanks in the workplace?

There are many reasons, but what is strange is that when we do say thanks at work we feel happier and more fulfilled. So, why aren’t we doing it and how can we cultivate a culture of gratitude in our workplace?

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What Does A Grateful Organization Look Like?

Good question?  Do organizations that show gratitude to their staff even exist?

Well, apparently they do. And apparently these organizations are proving pretty effective – with the gratefulness factor boosting morale and increasing productivity.

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Happiness is?

We may believe that getting the things we value will make us happier, but new research shows that cutting back on life’s pleasures helps us to appreciate them more.

Why Lent Makes People Happy (and Netflix Doesn’t)


And, the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius wrote the treatise ‘The Meditations’, considered to be one of the greatest texts on happiness and living well.  This article includes the five most important takeaways from his treatise.

Marcus Aurelius and the Key to Happiness

6 Habits of Highly Grateful People

Grateful people will:

Have 10% fewer stress related illnesses

Be more physically fit

Have blood pressure that is lower by 12%

Source: John Templeton Foundation

If you want to gain these benefits, and believe me there are many more, then read:

Habits of Highly Grateful People

A Tip for Increased Happiness

Another great tip from the master of positivity – Martin Seligman.

Every night for the next week, set aside ten minutes before you go to sleep. Write down three things that went well today and why they went well. You may use a journal or your computer to write about the events, but it is important that you have a physical record of what you wrote. The three things need not be earthshaking in importance (“My husband picked up my favorite ice cream for dessert on the way home from work today”), but they can be important (“My sister just gave birth to a healthy baby boy”).

Next to each positive event, answer the question “Why did this happen?” For example, if you wrote that your husband picked up ice cream, write “because my husband is really thoughtful sometimes” or “because I remembered to call him from work and remind him to stop by the grocery store.” Or if you wrote, “My sister just gave birth to a healthy baby boy,” you might pick as the cause … “She did everything right during her pregnancy.”

At the end of the week, see how you feel. If you find it’s making a difference to your mood – then keep doing it.

A Simple Exercise To Increase Well Being

Martin Seligman in his book Flourish – A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being, suggests a very simple exercise to increase your happiness. Give it a try.

Close your eyes. Call up the face of someone still alive who years ago did something or said something that changed your life for the better. Someone who you never properly thanked; someone you could meet face-to-face next week. Got a face?

Gratitude can make your life happier and more satisfying. When we feel gratitude, we benefit from the pleasant memory of a positive event in our life. Also, when we express our gratitude to others, we strengthen our relationship with them. But sometimes our thank you is said so casually or quickly that it is nearly meaningless. In this exercise … you will have the opportunity to experience what it is like to express your gratitude in a thoughtful, purposeful manner.

Your task is to write a letter of gratitude to this individual and deliver it in person. The letter should be concrete and about three hundred words: be specific about what she did for you and how it affected your life. Let her know what you are doing now, and mention how you often remember what she did. Make it sing! Once you have written the testimonial, call the person and tell her you’d like to visit her, but be vague about the purpose of the meeting; this exercise is much more fun when it is a surprise. When you meet her, take your time reading your letter.

Although this exercise may make you feel a little awkward, Seligman is sure it will make you happier.

6 Habits of Highly Grateful People

Gratitude is always a winner. Awareness and appreciation of this key skill is building, which benefits us all.

I just HAD to share this interesting article that provides more tips on how to develop your gratitude muscle.

6 Habits of Highly Grateful People

Happy New Year!

You have 365 days to complete this years novel… so make each day a good one!

I am starting the year full of so much gratitude. My blog now has well over 500 followers, and I want to thank you very much for your support. You may not realize it, but it is you, my readers, who keep me inspired with your likes and feedback.  The last few days have been the most amazing, with the most interest and activity. Thank you!

2014 is going to be another amazing year – I can feel it already. I already have big plans to keep my inspired journeys blog interesting and ever evolving. I am in the process of writing a ‘Magical Life’ workbook, I am setting up to sell and give away inspiring photographs from around Asia, and there is even the possibility of inspired tours later in the year.

The New Year offers an opportunity to review the past, let go of what we don’t want, pick up what we do, and charge ahead. Below is some worthwhile advice that I’ll be trying to follow.

Self care

The Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude is an amazing attitude. When you focus on how much you have to be grateful for you will find that your mood shifts to the positive and you feel more energized. Make it a daily routine and feel the mental health benefits it provides.

Today I am grateful for my health, my many wonderful friends spread all over the world, for the great accommodation I have found in Bangkok, for the time I have to do the things I love to do….

The story below, a grateful heart, is about a man who, through the small act of giving thank you notes, turned his life around.

A Grateful Heart

And a few more interesting thoughts on the importance of gratitude.

The Thinking Habit That Changed My Life

What is Gratitude?

Giving thanks for blessings in disguise