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Authors who inspire me

Hermann Hesse

Joseph Campbell

Dan Price

Jack Kornfield

Dan Miguel Ruiz

Ernest Hemingway

Thriving on Less by Leo Babauta – Free ebook

A very quick read.  This book includes some interesting thoughts on simplifying your life and how to cut back on unnecessary spending. Very nice Mr Babauta.  Thanks!

The recent economic recession has a lot of people worried, about their jobs, their businesses, their homes and their bills. When your income is dropping or in jeopardy and you still have a mountain of bills to pay, things can get pretty scary.

However, tough economic times do not have to be a time of struggles! If you look for the opportunity in the middle of difficulty, as Mr. Einstein suggested, then tough economic times become an opportunity to transform your life.

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Recommended Books

Dhamma Everywhere by Sayadaw U TejaniyaDhamma Everywhere

A collection of Ashin Tejaniya’s teachings produced for yogis practicing at the Shwe Oo Min Center.  It is an excellent overview of the Sayadaw’s teachings, and a helpful guide to see if his teachings are for you.  It includes a wide range of material that is useful for both beginner yogi’s and those with more experience.  This book can be found on the Sayadaw’s website for free –

A Map of the Journey by Sayadaw U JotikaMap of the Journey

Sayadaw U Jotika is a very famous teacher in Myanmar.  His books are easy to read and full of examples of his own experience.

Quotation from the Sayadaw

I am trying to give in simple language, a very clear explanation of what insight means and what enlightenment means, so that you can understand it.  That is why I also give some Pali quotations, which are the Buddha’s words.  These are the criterion.  You can test it.

Myths to Live By  by Joseph Campbell (The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell)

At his death in 1987, Joseph Campbell left a significant body of published work that explored his lifetime passion, the complex of universal myths and symbols that he called ‘Mankind’s one great story.”    This book is built from a series of some 25 talks on mythology delivered in New York City between 1958 and 1971.

EMOTIONS: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy and Fear   OSHO

I am going to copy the start of the introduction section of the book, as I think this is a very nice summary and includes a quote from OSHO.

The title of this little book might give readers the idea that they have found another ‘how to’ book.  Not at all – this book will provide you with a different dimension, where all the questions about ‘how’ are dissolved into a direct perception of your own, hidden reality.

Osho says

“We reduce everything into a how.  There is a great how-to-ism all over the world, and every person, particularly the modern contemporary mind, has become a how-to-er:  how to do this, how to do that, how to grow rich, how be successful, how to influence people and win friends, how to meditate, even how to love.  The day is not far off when some stupid guy is going to ask how to breathe. It is not a question of how at all.  Don’t reduce life into technology.  Life reduced into technology loses all flavour of joy.”

Next time you feel lonely  OSHO

“You cannot fight with darkness directly, with loneliness directly, with the fear of isolation directly.  The reason is that all these things do not exist; they are simply absences of something, just as darkness is an absence of light.”

The end of your world: Uncensored straight talk on the nature of enlightenment  by Adyashanti

One of the very few resources available for people who have had an initial experience of spiritual awakening and want to understand how the process continues and unfolds.  As mentioned by the editor “may this book be a helpful guide and further catalyst for this greatest of adventures.”