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Check This Out: Hotel Confidential Chooses Inspired Journeys Review As Editors Choice

Well, today I feel very honored. Hotel Confidential has picked my video reviews as the Editor’s Choice.

According to Hotel Confidential this means that I did a super job of making an informative and helpful video review and will help fellow hotel bookers make the right hotel choice.

Check it out here.


I hesitate


Too long




Island Hopping

Nothing beats the sun soaking into your skin and the taste of salt on your lips

The journey begins

Sometimes there's just water as far as the eye can see

I see heaven in the never ending blue

And every now and then we pass a rocky outcrop

remnants of ancient lands in the rocky outcrops

untold stories shout out from secret beaches

untold stories shout out from hidden beaches

ready to unload the luggage

I am alone

and yet not really alone,  other travelers are making their own way

while others map their own way

a pier landing

it’s time to stop

bamboo bungalows, the simple life

contemplation through simple living

and at the end of the day, it's always another island and another elegant sunset

each day ending elegantly

Solar Inspiration

Sunrise and sunset occur every day. How often do we take the time to sit, watch, and enjoy the splendor of these daily events?

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Life's a journey. Slow down and enjoy it. These pictures are a visual representation of our journey along whichever path we choose.

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Hitting the flower market in Bangkok Thailand

Hitting the flower market in Bangkok Thailand

And other shots from around the world.

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