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New Life Foundation

IMG_0951I recently attended a meditation retreat on Mindful Communication at the The New Life Foundation which is located outside of Chiang Rai, North Thailand.

It was an interesting venue for a meditation retreat. The center is an international recovery community for people who are suffering from addiction problems, depression, stress, burnout, relationship issues or abuse.  The center also offers a learning space for those who would like to work on self-improvement and personal development. Read more

Shwe Oo Min Forest Centre

Shwe Oo Min Sign
I’ve just returned to Bangkok after three months at the Shwe Oo Min Forest Centre in Myanmar.

It is hard to describe three months of 9 hours per day of meditation.  The best word I can think of is ‘transformational’.

The Centre’s Meditation Teacher – Sayadaw U Tejaniya – is amazing.  When I met him I finally felt like I had found my teacher.  I have been searching for a long long time to find a teacher that I felt was the one for me.  It is so true what they say, when the student is ready the teacher appears.

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Osho Bali

I’m amending this post to just simply say – don’t go, not good.