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You are a Beautiful Flower Ready to Blossom

Intelligence and innocence are strongly linked.  They must always be together; otherwise you will have ignorance or cunning.  When they are together you have openness, receptivity.  You have a heart that is open to wonder.  If one can keep these two qualities together then she needs nothing else.  It will lead to the ultimate goal of self-realization.

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The Mind and Time

When there is no mind there is no time.

The mind is like the pendulum of a clock.  It swings from the past to the future, from the past to the future, from one extreme to the other.

When the pendulum is still – sitting in the middle.  We are in the present.  And time has stopped.


Some great learnings from Osho regarding greed*…..

What are you greedy for....objects, success, wealth, attention....?

What are you greedy for….objects, success, wealth, attention….?

You can be greedy in many ways – for sex, money, food, etc.  Greed is about wanting/desiring, not about needing.  Desires are unlimited, and your needs are small.  Greed is about tomorrow, not today.  Don’t sacrifice a single moment of today for tomorrow.  Greed does not exist in the present moment. Read more

More on Greed

The first thing is to know yourself.  Know that you are unique.

Do not imitate others.  Only the stupid man imitates others.  An intelligent man never imitates others.

Do not imitate.  You must follow your own nature.  That is why it is so important to know yourself.

You only feel inferior because you compare yourself to others.  You try to imitate others and things don’t work out, so you feel inferior. Read more