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10 Extraordinary People And Their Lessons For Success

Inspiring tips from inspiring people.

10 Extraordinary People

Use Your Uniqueness to Make a Difference

This guy is mega inspiring. You may have seen him before – his name is Nick Vujicic, and he has no arms and no legs. Every time I see him in action he totally blows me away. Even though he has such a huge disability he is happy and living a fulfilled life.

If you’ve ever felt sorry for yourself, or, if you’ve thought that life has been treating you badly, then this little clip might just make you rethink your attitude.

Take Nick’s example and use your own uniqueness to make a difference!

Check it out.


The History of Simple Living

The best things in life aren’t things.  – Art Buchwald

What can history teach us about living simply? Quite a lot actually.

Simple Living

5 Ways to Cultivate Inspiration & Ideas

Inspiration about the creative process sometimes comes to me from unexpected quarters. And perhaps the surprise of finding a new source is as inspiring as finding the new content itself.

This article is from an interior design publication, and offers some smart reminders on how to cultivate inspiration and ideas.

Read 5 Ways Here

What if Motivation is the Opposite of Inspiration?

What I love about this article, is the fact that is starts off with the words – Reading Time: 90 seconds. In our ridiculously time poor society messages need to be short and to the point, and the inclusion of a reading time helps us to discern what we will and won’t read. Or perhaps I should say, what we do and don’t have time for.

This very short article is concise, and yet comprehensively covers the difference between motivation and inspiration. Read it here!!


Boost the Chance for Inspiration

If you want to learn about the three criteria that indicate inspiration, and some tips to boost your chance for inspiration, then read this article:

Boost Your Chance For Inspiration

The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

Kids learning to play on instruments made from recycled materials. Exceptionally inspiring.

This little Youtube Clip is just under four minutes long, and well worth watching.

This link was sent to be by a friend and I would like to dedicate this post to my old workmates – Joel, Graham, and Sorin.


15 People Around The World Living With No Regrets

I’ve got to be honest, I’m pretty stoked to be able to say that I’m currently living a life with no regrets. I’m constantly traveling, I have plenty of time to see my friends, I’m doing so many things I have been dreaming about for years, and I hope that with this blog, I am helping and inspiring others to live the lives of their dreams.

I really can’t believe that it was not even a year ago that I was in such a different place. Feeling trapped, stressed and unhappy, I didn’t have any time for myself or friends.  It still amazes me to think that it took just one bold move to shift myself into this world of no regrets.  I quit my job, sold my house and hit the road (okay, maybe that’s two bold moves) .  And here I am.

The attached article shares the stories of some very inspiring people who are living lives with no regrets and making a big difference to the planet in their own way.  Check it out – it helps to see that it is possible for every one of us to make a positive difference in the world.

No Regrets

4 Ways to Find Inspiration Everywhere

You really can find inspiration everywhere, sometimes it’s just a matter of changing your perspective. Or changing your routine. This article might just help you to find some new ways to change things up a bit.

Inspiration everywhere

The Best of 2013

Check out the top ten cartoons of the year from Zen Pencils. If you haven’t already discovered this site it’s worth a visit.

It’s my favorite ‘find’ of the year.

Top Ten – Zen Pencils