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Woody Harrelson: Thoughts From Within

This piece of poetry from Woody Harrelson is beautiful and thought provoking.  Click on the link below to watch the video that combines stunning visuals with Woody’s poetic reading.

Thoughts From Within

How the mind can heal the heart

Tara Bennett-Goleman and Daniel Goleman explain the science behind “mind whispering”—a technique for overcoming self-defeating habits of mind.

Mind healing heart article

Fascinating New Research on Meditation and Brain Health

More on the benefits on meditation.

Fascinating New Research on Meditation and Brain Health | TruthTheory.

Beginning Meditation

The ideal way to learn to meditate is to get instruction from an experienced meditation teacher.  However, I realize that this is not always possible.  And to be honest, if you want to start, start now you should (imagine Yoda’s voice).

Here’s a few starting tips:

  1. Place

Your meditation space should be a place where you feel at peace, where you’ll be free from distractions.  Preferably a space where you are not going to get too hot or too cold. It’s important to be comfortable. You’ll need a timer to make sure there is no temptation to check the time.  If you don’t have a timer or some sort of stop watch, then I would suggest downloading the insight timer app. It is easy to use, has appropriate meditation bell sounds to get you started, and it will let you know when your time is up.

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Improving Awareness

Below are some learning’s I found to be particularly helpful in relation to awareness and dealing with the mind.

Three key tips:

  1. Just be in the moment
  2. Continually ask ‘Who am I?’
  3. Question the mind. Be curious.

If you find it difficult to recognize awareness at work, you need more practice. Ask yourself often: “What is the mind aware of now?” In this way you will gradually learn to see the mind more clearly and to know what awareness feels like.

Awareness needs a state of non-judgment.   Any form of judgment excludes awareness.

Awareness is critical as the mind is very sneaky.  It helps to fill your mind with good thoughts.  To have the right view, to take right action and to speak right words. If you do this you leave no space for the defilements. The mind loves to fill itself with defilements. It will do this while you are not watching. Try to allow no space for any negative thoughts.