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A Better Way To Say Sorry

We all need to say sorry now and then. Unfortunately, not many of us really know how to do it properly. How do you say sorry in a way that works for you and those your apologizing to?

This article is a bit of a tear jerker  – and will help you, your friends, and your kids, learn how to apologize well.

A Better Way To Say Sorry

Need A Bit Of Inspiration To Get Up In The Morning?

I have to admit I’ve never been much of a morning person. I’m a night owl, so getting up early has always been a struggle.  Somehow I manage to get up at 3.30am for meditation when on retreat. And believe me, I have no idea how. But on my own time, I’m not so vigilant.

However, I can say that the earlier I get up in the morning the more productive and inspired a day I’ll have.  This very entertaining article inspired me with some great tips to help me drag myself out of bed.

Take a few minutes to read these ten tips.

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Boost the Chance for Inspiration

If you want to learn about the three criteria that indicate inspiration, and some tips to boost your chance for inspiration, then read this article:

Boost Your Chance For Inspiration

The 16 Habits of Exuberant People

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be

– Abraham Lincolm

HELLO!  And apologies for the long silence. I have just returned to Bangkok from Myanmar where I did a three week Vipassana retreat and a bit of sightseeing. I will write all about it shortly and share my pics.

I thought this article would be a good one to kick off. It’s got a great list of habits that are sure to keep you feeling uplifted. Enjoy.

Check out: 16 Habits

7 Easy Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Happy New Year’s Eve!

While most of us are prepping up to celebrate seeing in the New Year some of us will have our list of New Year’s resolutions ready to go and some of us won’t. If you’re struggling for ideas of what to include in your New Year’s resolution list here are some fun tips:

7 Easy Ways

Positive Thinking

Check out this very upbeat article on how to develop your positive thinking.  It only takes three simple steps to get you heading in the right direction.

Positive Thinking is Sometime Easier Said than Done

And if you’re looking for more reading on this subject, then check out this article:

How to Consciously Remove Negative Emotions