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Dealing with Difficult Situations or Problems

The ego is what creates our problems.  For the ego everything is a problem, and it will make sure that there is always a problem for us to deal with.  Sit still for a moment and watch your mind.  You will see that it is always looking for a problem or creating a problem.  There is always a problem there.

With the truth, there is never a problem.

Ask yourself, what would I be without these problems?

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Improving Awareness

Below are some learning’s I found to be particularly helpful in relation to awareness and dealing with the mind.

Three key tips:

  1. Just be in the moment
  2. Continually ask ‘Who am I?’
  3. Question the mind. Be curious.

If you find it difficult to recognize awareness at work, you need more practice. Ask yourself often: “What is the mind aware of now?” In this way you will gradually learn to see the mind more clearly and to know what awareness feels like.

Awareness needs a state of non-judgment.   Any form of judgment excludes awareness.

Awareness is critical as the mind is very sneaky.  It helps to fill your mind with good thoughts.  To have the right view, to take right action and to speak right words. If you do this you leave no space for the defilements. The mind loves to fill itself with defilements. It will do this while you are not watching. Try to allow no space for any negative thoughts.

Local Wisdom of the Balinese

Mr Winn, our genuinely friendly and informative guide.

Mr Winn, our genuinely friendly and informative guide. In a village outside of Ubud. May ’13

I had a really wonderful experience on Saturday that I’d like to share.

While on a cycle tour of the Balinese countryside I was surprised and delighted to find how wise and knowledgeable our guide was. I’m afraid I can’t remember all his wisdom, so I will share the few snippets I have.

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Spiritual Friends

I met up with Mary last night to discuss my retreat options.  I was starting to get confused as to what might be the best choice for me.  I had found retreat centers that looked applicable in many different countries.  We really are spoilt for choice in Asia.  I also felt stalled as some of my initial plans were not progressing due to a lack of response from certain centers and the internal crisis in Burma.

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