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An absence of complication.


1. Stop spending

Do you really need that new dress, that new pair of shoes, that new gadget?  What if you saved that money, how much freedom could it give you in the long run?

2. Own less

The more you own the more it costs you.  Own a fancy pair of shoes.  What happens when the soles wears out and you need a new ones?  And what about if your tv breaks.  It can be very expensive to get electrical items fixed these days.  We’re living in a disposable society – we buy things, they break, we throw then away, and then we buy new ones.  Not good for the environment or for our wallets.

3. Live in a small space

I’ve been living this past year in a very small apartment.  It’s a change from the house I used to live in before moving to Thailand.  I have to admit that I really do love that I don’t have too much space.   I don’t need it, and it certainly limits my spending.  And because it’s a rented apartment that’s fully furnished I don’t have any repair costs for any household goods, ever.

4. The power of a word

Words are a critical part of how we express ourselves.  I think that sometimes we forget that the words we use also affect others – their reactions and behavior.  It is very rare that we speak with full awareness – do we really think about what are we trying to say?  are we using the right words?  are we saying something useful or just talking for the sake of talking?  One thing I learnt at a recent meditation retreat is the power of trying to focus thoughts down to one word.  So next time you have something to say, before you speak, ask yourself if your thought can be expressed in one key word.  Give it a try – it’s a powerful practice to follow.

5. Unsubscribe

We all get inundated with information these days.  One very helpful way to reduce the influx of unnecessary information is to unsubscribe from as many emails as possible.  We sign up to so many seemingly useful emails, but ask yourself, how many of these emails do you actually read and realistically need.  As an old boss of mine used to say, a clear desk is a sign of a clear mind – I guess the same is true for your inbox.

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