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Can We Break Free Of The Fear Of Missing Out?

‘For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are we so hooked on social media that all we’re really in it for is to ensure we’re not missing out on something? Do you feel your body urging you to ‘pull away’ and ‘break free’ from the superficial connectivity and frantic never ending site hopping? What are we waiting for?

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Or if you’re feeling a little over-connected or fed up with Facebook.

Neuroscience And Art – Where Is The Overlap?

As I keep saying – tapping into your creative side can help you in so many ways, including the way you work. There is huge benefit in meshing the analytical mind with the creative. Check this out – even neuroscientists are doing it!

Neuroscience and Art


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6 Things Shy People Can Teach Us About Success

Undoubtedly you’ve had a bout of shyness at one stage of your life. Most people do, and yet why is shyness considered such a bad thing when shy people can teach us so much?

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How To Achieve Optimal Health By Sarah O’Flaherty

We all want our bodies to work optimally. And so why have most of us have let ourselves get run-down to a suboptimal level? We seem to forget that our bodies are systems, and that when they’re functioning on top form we feel good, look younger, sleep better, digest better, have optimal energy, are our best weight – not over or under weight, and are less stressed. We should all be aiming for this optimum goal, right?

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Gwinganna Learnings – Sleep

Gwinganna Infinity Pool

Gwinganna Infinity Pool

It’s now been five and a half weeks that I’ve been hanging out at the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in Queensland, Australia, and, man, do I feel amazing!

After being picked up at Coolangatta Airport on the 13th April, along with the other guests due in that day, I was quickly whisked inland through the Tallebudgera Valley and up the super steep driveway to what would become my home for the next six weeks.

The first thing that hits you on arrival is how divine the location is – we are surrounded by native Austalian bush with beautiful gum trees towering up toward the almost always blue sky. Everyday I see a wallaby taking a snack on the grassy knolls, and I can’t go far without being overseen by a cheeky kookaburra (the teddy bears of the bird world, as I can’t help see them) who will be peering down on me from an overhanging branch. Many of the buildings are old style Australian classics  – wooden slat buildings with covered verandahs that add a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. These old buildings were dragged up the hill by the previous owner, and even include an old church which had to be bought up in two pieces and is now a very special venue for meditation, relaxation or pilates.

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Clean Your House – Your Mind Will Follow

Don’t you just love people who have the guts to follow their bliss. This little story is about a company called Zenith Cleaners and here’s a little exert:

Tolu discovered the therapeutic and meditative qualities of cleaning as a child, he says, and thinks of cleaning as a practice in loving, caring, and making a difference.

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